Xtratuf Waterproof Outdoor Work Boots

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XtraTuf Insulated Safety Work Boots
For years my family has be Fishing in Alaska on Charter Fishing Boats. I have always gone to visit them and fish from their boats. Each time my feet would get soaking wet because I did not have any waterproof boots. I noticed that they all wore the same insulated fishing boots but I did not know the brand. Finally, I asked and found out that Alaska Fishing Boat Captains all wore XtraTuf Work Boots. I began doing some research and found out you could not buy them directly from the XtraTuf website but in fact you had to buy them from 3rd party distributors. One company I have worked with is www.x-tough.com they have competitive prices and are able to ship anywhere in the US.

Insulated Work Boots

Since the captains required both waterproof and warmth I wonder how well these boots would stand up. Needless to say they did great, XtraTuf offers both Insulated Rubber Boots and Steel Toe Rubber Boots. The insulated variety are not too bulky for you to easily slip in and out of and do what you need to do. Working on a fishing boat you do a lot with knives so the steel toe boots really provide the necessary protection.

I hope you enjoy your XtraTuf boots as much as I do!

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XtraTuf Boot - Men's Size 10 - Brown Price: $89.99
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