Alcohol, Dr Oz Suggests

Why beer is tinted green when it should be red.

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Why do I need a wife?  Because Beer is Heavy!I watch Sports Center, and I drink beer.

There are very few statements that a man can make which are truer than that. Simple…Necessary…To the point.

But how do we get this primal need past our wives? This question has plagued man since he figured out hops and water made for a solid food group.

So after a long work day you want to watch some television. Instead the wife turns on her next Dr Oz installment (of course just when the Top 10 Plays starts), there is nothing else to do but sit back and keep sharp instruments away from yourself. However, if we learn to read between the lines, we as men can find information from just about any source that will support our needs.

Tonight’s episode had Dr Oz discussing the benefits of drinking. He said at least two drinks per day actually decreased the risk of heart disease. OK, he did mumble something about red wine, but I stopped paying attention because I have now been told that I need to drink two beers each and every day to keep my heart healthy. Friends, even Dr Oz has finally seen the light.

Advice of the Day: Go get yourself some red food coloring. If the wife brings up you drinking too much, dump that stuff into your beer, and quote Dr Oz.

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