What does Nike Stand for?

1 Comment November 17

Nike does not stand for anything, although I am sure Nike would like you to think of the words like quality, affordable, top of the line, etc. Nike was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS, Inc.) but in 1978 it was renamed to Nike, Inc. I cannot imagine where the world would be today without Nike and there top of the line shoes.

That being said, their shoes do not really concern me, what does concern me is Tiger Woods. Had Nike not been around, What is the Nike Swoosh?Tiger would never have been able to amass his fortune the contact without the contact provided to him by Nike. He would then have had to use an inferior product like Adidas, which as we know does not make good golf clubs, which would then mean Tiger would never have been able to win all his majors, which would not have allowed him to make the bunker shot that rolled into the hole slowly showing the Nike swoosh at the end, which then was turned into an over used commercial to warm the hearts of Americans.

So really if you look at it, Americans owe a great deal to Nike, we should pay them over $100 per pay of shoe to repay our gratitude!

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  1. John says:

    I always though Nike take their name from the Greek Goddess of victory or triumph

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