How to become a Bartender

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Be a bartenderEvery boy has a dream to grow up and be the President, Fireman, Policeman, Doctor, etc. But as a boy gets older, and then moves into adulthood they begin to have a new ambition; Bartender. Not that everyone wants to be a full time bartender, but one night a month where you can be the life of the party and help get others drunk that would be cool! So, what does it take to be a Bartender?

Bartenders know how to make a drink

Duh, of course bartenders must know how to make a drink; but that is not exactly what I mean. A bartender can take a two week program at a bartending college and come away with the standard drink recipes memorized. However, the standard drinks are only 20% of what you pour, another 50% is beer, another 15% wine; leaving the final 15% this is where a bartender needs to know how to make a drink. When the girl comes to the bar and wants something that tastes good, you need to be able to understand what flavors they like and how to mix a drink that tastes like the flavor they are looking for. Also equally as important, a Bartender needs to know how to make drinks under pressure. When you have a full bar of customers waiting for drinks, and angry cocktail waitresses looking for their drinks, you have to be able to mix drinks quickly. You don’t have time to consult a recipe book, or stall and try to recall the recipe. In addition, you need to know who to make multiple drinks at the same time. Setting up glassware for all your drinks at once, only picking up the same bottle once, only going to the beer cooler once. It is all a system, it cannot be taught, it can only be learned via experience.

Bartenders Remember

When people around you are having fun and celebrating, you need to be able to keep track of each of your customers. Regardless if they get angry or out of control, you need to stay in control and monitor the entire scene. Learning how people interact once they have been drinking is important, you have to track each of their consumption levels, have they eaten, are they going to the bathroom in a straight line or do they bump into things. Not only that but you need to do the same for cocktail waitresses customers. If this is the fifth jack and Coke in an hour to the same table, then maybe you need to talk to the waitress about getting that table some food. You also need to remember names and faces of past customers, this will help build tips but also allow you to remember how they respond to alcohol.

Bartenders Never Panic

Never, ever PANIC! The bar is a chaotic place to live and work. If you cannot remain calm under pressure, then this is not the job for you. Imagine the last time you were in a packed bar, think about the bartender. Was he calm, and just flowed from one place to another, always keeping an eye on the crowd? Or was he panicked like a deer in the headlights? The first bartender probably still has a job, while the second is now the janitor and cleaning up the floor at the end of the night.

Bartenders earn Money

Think of your favorite bartender. Why was he your favorite? Did he remember your name? Did he remember what you drank? Did he talk to you about things you were interested in? A good bartender has a loyal following of clients, he is able to remember each of them and their likes/dislikes. This memory allows them to earn money from you. All bartenders live on tips, the more tips the higher the income. To get more tips you need to wine and dine the customers on a regular basis. “Regulars” are the bread and butter of a bartender, they come in consistently and you know what you are going to get from them. The single night customer is a crap shoot, you don’t know if you are getting a big tip or a little tip. But that regular that tips big, from the moment they enter the door till the moment they leave, the bartender is working to make their money. A bartender is only your friend as long as you continue to tip well.

Bartenders have Style

Every bartender has their own style, some flip bottles, some have funny jokes, some have magic tricks, the common denominator is every bartender has a skill to entertain the crowd. Bars are not always slammed, so each bartender has to be able to entertain others, after all they are the life of the party, and some parties need help to come alive.

Bartenders have the tools

Here are three must have bartending tools:


Speed Tool Shaker Tin Wine Key

If all the above sounds like your resume, then bartender may be the right job for you. Bar tending in college has taught thousands of people how to make a drink, but it has never given a single one of them a job. Bartenders at all the popular bars have worked their way up from the inside or had a connection. So if you don’t have a connection your best bet is to get a job at your favorite bar, then work you but off until a position opens up. I promise it is worth the wait!

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  1. thesharkguys says:

    Good tips, well written Mr. ahem, ‘Oz Hater’…


    Here’s our list of the Top 10 Coolest Bartenders of All Time…

  2. Sydney Britton says:

    OMG…..so, do bartenders make a decent living?

  3. Oz Hater says:

    Bartenders are typically the highest paid employee in the bar, club or restaurant. An average bartender can make $100 per night in tips.

    If you work in a high end bar or club you can expect to make more than $100, sometimes as high as $300 – $500 per night on rare occasions.

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