What does Floating mean in Poker?

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Term Floating as related to pokerA little more advanced move in poker is called Floating. Floating is simply, calling a bet early in the hand with the intention of bluffing on a later street. It can be a very effective tool within tournament or ring game, but there are a few cautions you must consider.

First and foremost, a good read on your opponent is a must. To make an intelligent move on a player, your opponent must be intelligent as well. Setting up and executing a fancy play on another player that will call anyway is very expensive and terrible on your part.

Secondly, you need position. Floating will require you to call in position, and then gain information on his hand as the hand plays out. As you call and he checks on later streets, you may be able to steal the pot. Or if his betting texture does not make sense to the pot size, you can then react and take the pot on the turn or river as well.

Floating is an advanced technique that can be extremely profitable if used correctly and sparingly. Used too frequently, opponents will start to call you down with weaker holdings which will get expensive. However, against a thinking player, it can be a great tool to slow down a 3 betting opponent, and steal a nice pot.

Advice of the day: Do not try to bluff the weak minded, bluffing only works when the other player can see beyond their cards.

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