What are the Binary Numbers?

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What do Binary Numbers mean?

How are binary numbers used?Do you really want to know what a binary number is? This is a tough one to wrap your mind around, so I will assume you have a really good reason for wanting to know what a binary number is. With that knowledge lets move onto the definition.

Define: Binary Numbers

The binary numeral system is a numerical system that represents values using only two symbols, in this case the symbols are 0 and 1. The binary numbers are based on a positional relation with a radix of 2. The binary system is used by all modern computers to process there data.

Binary Numbers History

If you really still want to know more about binary numbers I suggest looking to Wikipedia, they have a great breakdown on the ins and outs of binary numbers.

Advice of the Day: Get a real job, what are you doing searching for binary numbers anyway?

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