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Super System 2 written by Doyle Brunson

0 Comments October 06

I have already discussed Super System, the base foundation of any poker book to hit the bookshelves, but now I’d like to take a moment to discuss Super System II, it’s long awaited sequel. When Super System first came out the impact upon the poker world was shocking. Truly the first time a poker professional had discussed some of the inside theories of the game. So obviously, Super System 2 was highly anticipated. However, when Super System Two hit the shelves, there were many other books available for the average player. Therefore, I think the force it had on the game was much less significant. While I it is an incredible book on poker, the average Texas Hold’em player may feel this book is average compared to everything else on the market. This may be true to some degree, but the book’s true value lays in games other than Texas Hold’em.

Super System 2 by Doyle Brunson breaks down several forms of poker into specific sections that are dedicated to that style of game. So no more searching through an entire book to just find the type of game you may be interested in or need help with. Additionally, System 2 has been written by to the most respected teachers for each particular game. Even though this is “Brunson’s book”, we get the best of the best in each particular poker style.

More specifically, Super System Two does something a little different then many current Texas Hold’em books. It gives specific sections on limit and no limit styles of play. No more taking general poker theory and cross applying it, we have excellent information all in one text. Yet, broken down to the specific desire of poker you want to learn.

Lastly, Super System 2 gives us a little insight on some lesser played games, namely Razz and Triple Draw. These newer forms of poker can be increasingly profitable because so few people understand the games. With Super System 2 you will be a step ahead of the competition because there is so little written about these new games and the players are just that poor.

So while Super System 2 did not have the same impact on the poker world its predecessor had, there is still a lot of great and easily obtained information within its pages. Not to mention the authors are all regarded as experts within that particular game, with Doyle Brunson editing it. I do feel there is certainly denser and in depth Hold’em books on the market, Super System 2 stands up to them with ease of use, array of different game discussion, and accessible information. It is the perfect book to become a true all round poker player.

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