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Sport Fishing in Alaska

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Fishing in Alaska can be done by yourself or on a professionally guided sport fishing tour. Last summer I had the privilege of fishing with Black Rock Charters, a Sport Fishing Company based in Gustavus, Alaska. Captain/Owner Josh Cozby took four of us on a week long fishing trip in the Icy Straights of Alaska that we will all remember for a lifetime. Each day we returned to Gustavus Alaska and stayed in a local Charter fishing lodge. Sport Fishing in Alaska with Black Rock Charters

It was a fantastic trip, we would wake up every morning around 6:30; the lodge staff had breakfast and coffee ready to go. We enjoyed breakfast and then shot out the door to head to the fishing dock, where Josh had the boat warmed up and ready to go. We were on the water by 7 and on our way to the fishing grounds. Depending on what we were fishing for, the trip to the fishing grounds took between 15 to 30 minutes so we did not spend valuable time going from place to place.

During the trip we were able to fish for both Alaskan Salmon and Halibut. We caught several King Salmon, and limited out on Halibut. Throughout the day we were able to see Humpback and Orca Whales swimming by, looking for their next meal. Once the day of fishing was over we returned to the dock, watched Josh clean all of our fish and then were shuttled back to the lodge where a warm snack and drinks awaited us. An hour later dinner was ready and we all could sit around and tell our days fishing stories.

Then the next day at 7am it started all over again! It was a fantastic trip, and I sincerely thank Josh and his staff for the tremendous trip I had Fishing in Alaska with Black Rock Charters.

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