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Self Cooling Cans

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West Coast Chill

Self Cooling Cans by West Coast ChillHere at ihatedroz we make every attempt to keep our readers grounded. It’s not fair to tease them by saying something like, “Dr Oz says deep frying is good for you!” However, when something so rare comes along, we need to point it out—even if it sounds too good to be true. OK boys, hit the recline button on the barcalounger because you won’t believe this one…self cooling cans. YES…I KNOW!!

Currently, a company by the name of West Coast Chill is on the verge of distributing an energy drink that has a mechanism within the can that when pressed will it will automatically chill the beverage up to 30 degrees cooler. YES…I KNOW!!! The technology has actually been around for many years but only recently been perfected. While it will only be available to this particular energy drink, let us sit and consider of the applications!

As you can see, the product possibilities are truly endless. We wish we could announce when this technology would be ready for something besides the energy drink, but that is currently unknown. Yet, be rest assured everyone, the moment this wonderful technology becomes more widespread, you can bet we will be all over it. In the mean time we will sacrifice and use the archaic device of ice, but it’s oh so exciting that soon, with a simple push of a button, ahhhhh coolness!!

  • No more heavy coolers for the beer.
  • Instant cold beer even when you forget to put the 6 pack in the fridge.
  • Cold beer anytime.
  • It will make your beer cold when you need it.
  • You push a button on the can and the beer gets cold.
  • Sit for an entire game and not have to get up and get a cold beer—it’s right there!

Here’s a YouTube video of the future:

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