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Safe Secure White Underwear – a.k.a Briefs or Tighty Whities

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Men's Briefs UnderwearOne would think that there are some things that are sacred in a mans life that not even Doctor Oz can touch–his choice of underwear is probably at the top of that list.

Alas, just another foolish notion.

There are greater forces at stake here, and your selection in skibbies, fine sir, are NOT up for negotiation. Yes, I hear ya brother, there are times I too enjoy the security of a good pair of tighty-whities.

Too bad. Sperm count man, sperm count.

To remain as fertile as one should be, boxers are the garment that needs to be adorned. If the boys get a little too warm, junior won’t be coming along anytime too soon and then she’ll talk about getting you tested to see just how effective your swimmers are–a fate worse then giving up the soft comforting control of your favorite underwear. So if you’re a boxer man, you are in luck. However, if you happen to enjoy the snug comfort that Mom always bought for you, it looks as though you are in for a lifestyle change.

Advice of the Day: Just remember to take care with those loose fitting khaki walking shorts that the Mrs. makes you wear–poor sitting posture at the family picnic can give the mother-in-law a little too much info.

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