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The World\'s First Man\'s RemoteAh yes, mans best friend the remote control.  His last oasis of sanity, and last bastion of complete control.  Alas brothers, it is just not the same is it.  There was a time where a man could peacefully sit down in his easy chair and comfortably watch 13 channels at once.  No more, no more.

We have reality shows to watch because if not, you’ll find out the results on the radio in the morning commute.  There are series shows we must endure, because everyone at work will be chatting over it and you want to make sure you can chime in when foolish Phil starts talking smack–once again.  Idiot Phil.

But most of all we have Dr Oz and our significant other no longer lurking in the shadows and watching the daytime talk shows in the afternoon.  They have to, ‘watch it with us’ so we can hear the words in their true form from the horse.  We must sit and actually watch our freedoms slip from our grasp before our very eyes.  No blind fold.  No last cigarette.  Just FIRE!

Advice of the Day:  Work on your sleep deprivation skills.  The goal is for her to tire out before you so can watch that favorite rerun of M.A.S.H. after she goes to bed.  That “Hot Lips” Hoolahan had it going on!

World’s First Man’s Remote: So boys we have created our own remote control.  Something that each man can use and understand.  You can own one of these babies for $2 billion dollars.  We know that price seems steep, but the research that is needed to get even one of the buttons to work is obviously astronomical.  Once we get our first sale, we can then begin that process. 

All joking aside, if you are looking for the World’s Best Remote control, look no further than the Logitech Harmony 900. It is far and away the best remote control for your home theater system! Get one today!

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Universal Remote Control URC-WR7 7 Device Remote Control with 4 Favorite Channel Buttons Price: Too low to display
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Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control (Silver) Price: $49.95
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Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen Price: $150.93
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RCA RCU403 3-Device Universal Remote Price: $2.75
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Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen Price: $199.98 - $228.50
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