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Reality Television – Where did we go wrong?

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Reality is dead thanks to Reality TVI wish I knew when man lost control of the evening television. We were able to watch football, baseball, basketball… hockey? Whatever the season we were able to control the content streaming from our television. Now we have slowly lost control of the television to the newest reality TV program.

In the good old days, when we went to work, we used to sit around talking about the game, which team is in the playoffs, etc. Now each morning is spent discussing American Idol contestants, Survivor castoffs, and Dancing with the Stars? I just don’t care about reality programming, if you want reality tune into a sporting event, unedited and uncut.

I digress onto a side note: If we must discuss Dancing with the Stars then someone please tell me why they would they vote off Shannon Elizabeth—I mean C’MON she’s smoking hot!

Back to the story:
With the advent of Tivo, now Dr. Oz is able to rear his ugly head at all hours of the day. So even if you wife was gone at 4pm when Oprah was on, she can tune in to hear about Dr. Oz’s “new” way to strip our favorite man activities or food group from us.

As Dr. Oz speaks, out of the corner of your eye, you will see your wife/girlfriend slowly nodding. That’s the danger zone boys…DANGER! You can bet she is churning over an idea, and something has just been removed from your diet or you’ve lost another freedom. She may percolate on her new ‘life saving idea’ until morning or until next week, but you can be sure one more ‘man’nerism is lost forever.

Advice of the day: Do not throw the television out. It may seem like the right move to save your life, but at some point football will return, and you might just be able to catch at least part of a game.

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