Nagging Wife Jokes

3 Comments February 09

Most days our wives are our significant other, our best friend, our spouse, the mother of our children, and more. However, there are those rare occasions when your wife may do a little nagging to get the chores done around the house, or nagging you to finish the project you started last week. On those days it is good if you can find a little humor in life. I was forwarded these photos in an email, sorry I cannot give credit. If you are the original creator of this work and would like credit let me know.

Here you go hunny!

Here you go hunny!

Hunny, this will not hurt I promise

Hunny, this will not hurt I promise

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  1. W Carlson says:

    10 pills per day times 52 weeks. He turned from a person I respected a lot to DR. QUACK the snake oil salesman. 10 min weight loss, cutting calories will not work, what a waste, yet I have to listen to it every day for an hour. I wanted to show a person covered with pills and snake oil next to him covered with all his kick backs money. He started out so professional now look at him; to bad.

  2. Fed UP with Men! says:

    We women should let our husbands be. Let them die early since that’s what they prefer to do anyways.

    As for all the supplements, etc that are promoted, the ones I’m really sick and tired of hearing about are those that are to help men with their stupid blood flow to their lower brains!!!

    And men wonder WHY the heck they die sooner?? SAY DIET & EXCERCISE. They don’t need supplements for blood flow if they’d EAT RIGHT & EXCERCISE!!

    BEhind every husband is a way BETTER WIFE!!!!!!!!

    • Oz Hater says:

      Fed Up with Men! – Hilarious, it is about time a women took and stand and showed us that we are our own worse enemy!

      I could not agree more, behind every “good” husband is an even BETTER WIFE!

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