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Las Vegas ReviewI would suggest everyone make it to Las Vegas at least once every year. The amount of things to do is so extensive that weekly visits would take all year to just see half of what is available. Sure there is gambling and massive casinos, but really there is so much more. For the pure enjoyment of people watching, Las Vegas is a great place to visit.

If you are ever curious about the different people in this country, just take a stroll down Tropicana Avenue—The Strip in Las Vegas. The cultural montage of differences is mind blowing as you stroll down the strip. Looking this way or that, allows one to truly understand that this is a country of such a diverse set of individuals. Where else can you see a man in a business suit walking beside a woman in a tube top that is talking to a guy that is crossed dressed as Dolly Parton…and it’s a normal sight! Ah, Las Vegas.

Next, you just need to take in the grand stage of the casinos themselves. The scale of the hotels and casinos is actually indescribable. From the MGM that has more then 8000 employees, to Mandalay Bay with a wave pool, to the trillions of neon lights around every corner you will be amazed at what you find. Strolling down the strip will let you see the water show at The Bellagio, the volcano erupt at The Mirage, the Eiffel Tower at Paris, or even the waterway canals at The Venetian. Walking into any one of the casinos will show you nothing but beautiful marble and glass entries accompanied by spectacular statues. Sight seeing just the casinos themselves is a destination point for many people.

Any trip to Las Vegas would not be complete without taking in one of the ‘shows’. However the shows have grown to such an incredible stage that sitting in a crowded room watching a performer is not what Vegas delivers. Go to The Bellagio and watch “O”—a complete mutli-changing water stage that has performers flying through the air for 50 feet and diving, to contortionists bending in unimaginable ways. Go to Paris and watch Anthony Cools—a hypnotist that is so raw you will laugh until tears are flowing. Or simply take in a concert of any one of the touring singers that constantly visit Vegas—Justin Timberlake or Cher to name a few. Any show that may be imagined can be viewed in Las Vegas, and you can bet it will be top quality.

Then of course there is gambling. If you enjoy gambling, Las Vegas is king. There are many places to spend your gambling dollar, but there isn’t a more entertaining and enjoyable place to do it in my opinion. No matter your taste of betting, Vegas will have it. Just about every casino has a full sports book, and they all have table games and slots. However no discussion on gambling can be given without the caution of do not bring more money with you beyond the limit you are willing to lose. Vegas is an addictive and crazy place—it is very easy to get carried away. If you only keep in your pocket a limited and comfortable amount of money, the chances for ‘accidents’ will be much diminished, keep your extra money in the hotel safe so you have to walk (cool down) to get it.

No matter what your desire may be, you can most likely find it in Vegas. Enjoy just sitting by the pool, people watching, sightseeing beautiful hotels, catching a breath taking show, or just walking up to a craps table to try your luck, Las Vegas can deliver. There is no other place I have ever visited where money and time are so ‘liquid’ that you can truly lose yourself. The place just flows around you as you look down at your watch and see it’s already 4AM, and you are not remotely tired! Visit Las Vegas and be prepared to have the time of your life.

Throughout this post I have included links to the three best books I know of related to Vegas. I plan to include more detailed book review of each of these shortly. When I add them I will post a link to my reviews here.

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