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Toilet Paper Rolls

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Out of toilet paper, time for plan BThis morning, I took the opportunity to visit my favorite thinking place, the porcelain god, the all mighty thrown, aka the toilet. I had my usual experience and everything was going like clock work…until it was time to conclude my trip. I turned to gather the a small ball of Toilet Paper and realized we were out. Not only was the roll out, but we were completely out of toilet paper. After a partial panic, I gathered myself and began thinking of alternatives:

Alternatives to Toilet Paper

  • My hand
  • Cloth Hand Towel
  • Take a shower
  • The sink, with a creative use of a toilet paper roll to redirect the flow
  • Paper Towels
  • The rug on the floor
  • Scream for help

I elected to use the paper towels since they were the closest and required the least amount of follow up work.

Why does no one replace Toilet Paper Rolls?

The above experience got me pissed off enough that I had to blog about it. Why does no one replace the rolls, and if it ran out on your turn using the toilet and there was no back up, why did you not post a warning on the toilet. I certainly could have been more prepared or selected a different location had I know the toilet paper had been used already.

People we have all been on the toilet paper crisis, that was caused by someone else. Please remember your fellow man and seek out replacement toilet paper regardless of the location.

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