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Healthy Green Juice – Healing Power of Green Juice

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Green juice to promote healthLet me introduce you to healthy green juice.  I know many of you have not heard of such a ghastly concoction but let me tell you it’s real and exists—my wife watches Dr Oz and, hence, we drink healthy green juice on a daily basis. There is supposedly magical healing powers of green juice, but I am yet to see them.

To the right is the juicer our wives use to
ensure we get maximum benefit ===>

Here is the scenario…you juice up carrots, apples and oranges and drink it down as a daily way of getting all those nutrients that seem to escape the general male diet.  Oh wait, did I forget to add in kale, broccoli, cabbage, wheat germ, cauliflower, cucumber, and eye of newt?  A vile green mixture you will surely continue to belch up well past lunchtime. 

Your wife will typically say something like this after you drink the evil liquid; “Ah, Honey doesn’t it feel great to know you have consumed all your vegetables for the day?”

Your typical reply will be  “Ummm, ‘burp’ yeah great Hun.  I feel just fantastic.”  Thanks to Dr Oz and eight ounces of ground up green malevolence, you too can experience that gut bomb that rivals that midnight nacho mistake you pulled off the other night at the game.

Advice of the Day:  When the wife brings up needing a juicer, panic.  In fact, go buy her that diamond ring she’s been wanting…it will at least deplete the savings account enough to save yourself for a couple of months.

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