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28 Comments March 02

Contest Is Over – The Winner Is Bruce W. Rapp!

Free T-Shirt from Doctor Oz Television ShowThat’s right, we are giving away a FREE Dr. Oz T-Shirt! Normally a t-shirt would not attract much attention, but Dr. Oz does not produce tee-shirts except for those that are on their show. This means that a Dr Oz T-Shirt is nearly one of a kind. A true collectors item!

You can have one of the two T-Shirts given to the men from ihatedroz.com

There are three ways you can become eligible for the Free T-Shirt.

  • Enter your email address in the right column ===>
  • Tweet about IHateDrOz.com, be sure to use hashtag #ihatedroz
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That’s it, just one easy step and this fine piece of cotton can be yours!

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28 Comments so far

  1. Dear Dr. Oz,
    I really enjoy your television show, for your healthy, life-saving advice that you give. I just really, really want to win this t-shirt, because you are my biggest inspirational doctor. I would trust you with my life. I have a pacemaker & wish that you could be my cardiologist.


    Bruce W. Rapp

  2. JPM says:

    This is really a cool idea. I’ve subscribed! I love the website and I’d really love to win a Dr. Oz t-shirt.
    Good job guys!

  3. Pam Noakes says:

    Can I join even though I’m not a guy? My husband watches Dr. Oz daily and every day when I get home from work I hear “You should do this or that because Dr. Oz says…”. Drives me insane!

    • Oz Hater says:

      Pam we are glad to have you join us! Regardless of gender we all feel the burn of “Dr Oz says…”

  4. Catandra says:

    I love Dr. Oz because he talks about a lot of things that I have never heard of, and I do share some of it with my boyfriend, but I DO NOT try to make him drink, eat or do anything that I see on the show. I find this site hilarious though because he says I am addicted to Dr. Oz now.

    • Oz Hater says:

      Catandra – thank you for keeping the advice to a minimum for your boyfriend. Hopefully you continue to appreciate the humor in the site, and continue to enjoy the Oz Man!

  5. Lee Nielson says:

    If you hate Doctor OZ Which I do, why would you want a shirt with his name on it. That`s the stupidest thing I ever heard of. I wouldn`t take a shirt if you gave me one I would burn it.

    • Oz Hater says:

      Lee, if this is the stupidest thing you have ever heard of then you should either spend more time around children or politicians… oh wait those may be one in the same. Either way, the t-shirt contest was for fun, sorry you did not see it that way.

    • Liz says:

      Finally someone with a brain….I said the same thing…this website is a joke and these guys even went on the show they claim to hate….

  6. Sara johnson says:

    I’ve watched dr oz a few times but I just happen to watch it when the ihatedroz group was there. By far the best show because of y’all. Good job, took a boring show and made it a comedy. :)

    • Oz Hater says:

      Thanks Sara! We wish we could have been on longer to make it even more enjoyable for you!

      • Liz says:

        IT was not the BEST show…IT was stupid…because all he did was say oh you may be diabetic if you sugar is 100….that is bull crap…….100 is not pre diabetic…he is NOT an endocrinologist…..he is not a specialist on diabetes..but he keeps trying to scare these poor people into thinking that 100 is diabetic…that is crazy and wrong….he is an idiot and should have his medical license removed……100 is perfectly normal and is NOT pre diabetic….HE lies all the time to people….God I hate him and your stupid site.

  7. Suzanna says:

    Error in blood pressure reading on the show that had your group on.
    The man should have been sitting down, not standing up when it was taken.
    Blood pressure is always taken sitting down. When standing, the reading will be 10-20 points higher. Please make sure the man whose blood pressure was taken on tv, gets it taken again after he is sitting down, feet on the floor, and is sitting for 5 minutes before it is taken. That will be an accurate reading.
    A reading standing causes issues for everyone because at the numbers he had, doctors would probably want to put him on BP meds and that only hurts the issue in many cases. Just letting you know so you can let him know and just an FYI for all others.
    Sit down for 5 minutes, feed on the floor (no crossed legs) and no food or drink for at least 30 minutes before the reading is to be taken. This will provide accurate results and take it twice in each arm to verify the results.

    • Judy says:

      Thanks Suzanna, good advice!! Is it true that we shouldn’t be talking or laughing while we have a blood presseure test,too?

  8. Suzanna says:

    People in America are trying too many things to live longer instead of JUST LIVING today. Enjoy life. Have some fun and stop all the worrying!

  9. David says:

    My wife is becoming a drug store with all the pills Dr.Oz says she/we need to take. I told her to stop, we lived this long with out these pills. She loves him, I like him. She just needs to take it back a notch!

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