Dry Itchy Eyes

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One of the most under diagnosed eye problems is dry itchy eyes which present in many different forms; dryness, redness, burning, stinging, watery, or even itchy. If you experience any of these problems, you are most likely having a dry eye situation.

The causes of dry eyes are as long of list as the symptoms that people may experience. However, dry eyes can be broken down very simply. Our eyes get dry because either there are not enough tears available, or the tears that are present are not good quality. It’s simply a problem of quantity or quality. Solving the problem is where things get difficult.

Solutions for Dry Eyes

The first step to solving dry eyes will always be using good preservative free artificial tears. Not all eye drops are the same and some of the most ‘popular’ ones are many times the culprit. Anything that says ‘get the red out’ or is a generic brand is typically poor quality and their use may be exacerbating the problem. Both of these products are filled with preservatives that frequently cause irritation and troubles. The vasocontrictors (get the red out) within Visine, Murine, and Clear Eyes (to name a few) end up causing a rebound effect. This means the body will ‘crave’ the vasoconstrictor when the drops are not used, therefore needing more of the drop, which gets more preservatives, and so on.

Best Artificial Tears

Some of the best artificial tears are Systane by Alcon, Refresh by Allergan, and Theratears by Advanced Vision Research, and Soothe XP by Bausch & Lomb. Any one of these four are extremely effective when used properly. Typically people will WAY underutilize eye drops and artifical tears. Our tear production slows down or nearly stops when we sleep, so using them when you first get up is a must. Then using then BEFORE they are needed is critical. If there is an activity or certain time of day where symptoms begin, use them about 30 minutes before those times. Playing catch up is always the most difficult and least effective.

Home Remedy for Dry Eyes

The next best thing to do is make sure you stay hydrated. Drinking more water is something all of us typically needs, and it is good for the body in general. It may not have the immediate effect that eye drops have, but hopefully it keeps the situation at bay longer.

If there are any other questions please comment in the box below. I would love to answer any questions anyone may have. Dry eyes are a very difficult condition, but many times manageable. It’s a war…the goal is just to win as many of the battles as possible.

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