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Daniel Negreanu's Poker Blog Review

1 Comment September 19

Daniel Negreanu Poker Blog Review

Daniel Negreanu Poker Player

One of the most charismatic poker players we have today is Daniel Negreanu. He has a very approachable nature, funny at the table, and just so happens to be an incredible player. He has his own website,, where he has a blog, a general poker (and other items) forum, and poker help area which he heavily contributes. The site is a one stop poker haven, but I find his poker blog probably the most entertaining.

He writes an entry every 2-5 days and actually appears to put a good amount of thought into the content. Each entry is typically 1000+ words and rarely has a grammatical or spelling error. In my opinion, reading blogs that are not proof read for, at the minimum, spelling errors is very frustrating and degrades the information that is being posted. Spell check is not a difficult thing to run.

Each entry typically will hit upon exactly where Daniel is in the world and what he’s doing. He doesn’t shy away from telling the reader his thoughts on what he thinks of the city he is visiting or the impression he gets from the people there. More then once he’s knocked down a place pretty hard because he ran into a bunch of bozos that ticked him off for one reason or another.

Daniel’s posts are also filled with other then poker material. His most current topics typically will hit on the upcoming election, but don’t be surprised if you get food reviews or fantasy hockey league information as well (one of his great passions). He recently said he plans on doing 60-70 hours of research on 4 players so he can pick up the best one for his team this fall. Then there’s the poker information—the main crux of his posts

Negreanu usually attempts to throw in a few actual hands he has recently played and his thought process about each of them. This usually derives from his most recent tournament that he is involved in. It is always good to hear the actual process of why and how a hand gets played—I seem to learn a lot from that style of teaching. Not to mention many of his hand replays go against him, or he explains where he may have made a poor decision. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear the pros can make mistakes as well, or at least try to make the best play possible and the cards just didn’t land his way.

I’d suggest everyone to take a look at Daniel Negreanu’s blog and website. It is entertaining and easy to read, yet contains a lot of valuable poker information as well. After reading a handful of posts, you’ll quickly learn why he is one of the most well liked professional poker players out there.

You can find Daniel Negreanu’s Website at:

You can find Daniel Negreanu’s Blog at:

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  1. Vollycat says:

    I’ve read his books and they are actually pretty good. His short little sections are easy to read and you can move on to the next topic quickly. Good for when you have a short amount of time for things…bathroom? :)

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