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Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

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Great Wedding Gift IdeasLet’s face it, as men we do not and are not expected to remember important dates until the day of the event, or maybe not ever. This often leads to awkward moments when you are expected to have a gift but you don’t have time to get one. So what options does a man have, but dig deep into the mind and come up with a truly creative wedding gift.

Fluff with Gift Card
At weddings you always put the gifts on a gift table and the happy couple does not open the gift in front of you. So as long as you come in with a nicely wrapped gift people will assume you put some thought into it. Get a decent size box and some nice wrapping paper, this will give you something nice to walk in with. Then I suggest getting a $50 gift card to Apple I-tunes, with the card put in a message that reads “Now that you have tied the knot, I figured it is time you tie your music together!”

Exploding Box
Humor goes a long way to over shadow the quality of the gift. I often have gifts that other people have given me laying around the house, so why not put all those together and re-gift them to someone else. Sometimes these gifts still have their original wrapping other times they have been opened and used.

My suggestion is to get a decent size box, the box used to hold a case of beer should do it. Then go to the local shipping store and get a bag of peanuts (ghost poop), put your gifts in the box, but pack the peanuts into every single hole in the gifts and pack the box so full you need Ray Lewis to help you pack it. The idea here is for the box to explode when they open it, you want peanuts to literally come flying out of the box.

Wedding Gift Gamble
If you are going to a wedding with lots of people (150+) you can take a gamble. Buy a card, on the inside of the card write a message about how wonderful a couple they are. Let them know you hope they enjoy the blender (toaster, knives, etc), point out you lost their registry so you were not sure which brand to get them. I guarantee by the time they get around to opening the cards they will be so overwhelmed with the gifts they wont remember which gift was given by who, they will just assume they made a mistake and will give you credit.

Wedding Gift Gamble v2
Prepare the card as in the original gamble, except this time don’t indicate any particular item, just that you lost the registry. Then after the reception gets going, move over to the gift table and slide your card into one of the gifts with a bow so it stays in place with that gift. Your card will make it home with the gift and you will get credit. Warning: This could backfire if the original gift provider put a note inside the wrapping. This is why it is better to pick a gift that has a card and move their card into the card basket (or trash can).

Wedding Gift Gamble v3
Prepare your card as in version 2, but this time also pack a cooler of beer and go 30 minutes early to the reception. Sit in the parking lot drinking the beer and waiting to see an older man or women come to the reception by themselves. When you see them park come over and offer to help them into the reception, of course they have a gift so you can carry it for them. Use the card switch from version 2 and you are good to go. The reason for the 6-pack is in case someone asks why you are sitting there, you need an excuse and a peace offering with the beer.

Great Wedding Gift Ideas

OK, fine, if you don’t want to cheat the system and feel the need to get real gifts here are a few gift ideas I recommend. Since you are a man it is your job to buy a gift for the man, even if you are a guest of the bride. Remember 99.9% of the gifts on the registry are for the woman or what she wanted, it is your duty to give the man something he can call his own. We need to stick together after all—the poor guy just got married!

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