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Colon Cleansing – Homemade Diet

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Friends we must once again bring up one of Dr Oz’s favorite topics—your colon.  There may come a time when your wife gets the notion that there is an excessive amount of ‘stuff’ left within your colon and we need to get it out.  Hence, The Colon Cleanse.

Your lovely significant other will bring all sorts of wonderful attributes to this otherwise ignored system.   The colon cleansing homemade diet removes toxins from the body, it cleans out the colon walls, it will make you lose weight, and she may even attempt to get you to believe it will make your willy bigger.  Well, SIGN ME UP!!!

Alas, let me warn you that you’d rather have Joe in accounting come and check you for a hernia every day for a month then go through this colon cleansing hell.  COUGH! 

Seven days, no food.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Seven DAYS with NO FOOD. 

As a bonus, you have to drink this horrific concoction of lemon juice, real maple syrup, and cayenne pepper throughout the day.  Not to mention a quart of warm salt water when you first awaken that promises, PROMISES, to turn your bowels to water for the whole morning. 


For those of you that would like to see the information yourself, here is the colon cleansing diet.  I only post this to inform you my friends.  I have lived this torture first hand and I wouldn’t even wish it on Dr Oz.

Advise of the Day: Put parent controls on the computer and block this information from your wife.  Her ignorance will save you from misery.


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