Dr Oz Suggests

Dr Oz Blood Pressure Cuffs

No Comments March 01

As you sit there peacefully, do not be one bit surprised when the wife comes lovingly over to you with that sweet smile she used to hook you the first time you met. Then as she is smiling at you she clamps on the cuffs of pain to you upper arm.

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Green juice to promote health

Dr Oz Suggests

Healthy Green Juice – Healing Power of Green Juice

No Comments February 27

There are certain juices in the world that we will give credit to: Orange Juice - Good for screwdrivers and mimosas Tomato Juice - Great for Bloody Mary's Apple Juice - I don't like it, but it keeps the kids quite Green Juice -Never have, never will like it...

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Dr Oz Suggests

Our blood is not made of sugar

No Comments February 25

Men, I’ve long since lost count of the number of things my wife has done to me in the name of my health. The pills, the concoctions, the exercises…there is just too many to name. But this is a first. Now she wants me to bleed for her. Yes, you read that correctly boys, she [...]

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Meeting Dr Mehmet Oz

Dr Oz Suggests

Behind the curtain at Dr Oz Show

11 Comments February 25

An opportunity to go behind the curtain and meet the almighty Oz… My friends, I have traveled to the domain of the man himself, the show of Dr Mehmet Oz. And after such a terrifying and nerve wracking adventure I can safely tell you that…he is actually a really nice guy. I mean it’s like [...]

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Dr Oz Suggests

Orgasms are the Key to Long Life

No Comments November 04

Dr OZ suggests, Orgasms are the Key to Long Life! If only we had known how normal we were back in high school.

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Alcohol, Dr Oz Suggests

Why beer is tinted green when it should be red.

No Comments June 18

Beer is traditionally dyed green around St. Patrick's day, but what about dying it red the rest of the year?

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Dr Oz Suggests

Colon Cleansing – Homemade Diet

No Comments May 31

Homemade colon cleansing diet that will "knock your socks off!"

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Dr Oz Suggests

What should my poop look like?

1 Comment May 08

If the title is not enough, you can read more to learn about why the shape, size and color of your poop really does not matter to a man. What is important is the peace and privacy of a home away from home, our porcelain god, the toilet.

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Men's Briefs Underwear

Dr Oz Suggests

Safe Secure White Underwear – a.k.a Briefs or Tighty Whities

No Comments May 03

I am a boxers fan myself, but when it is time for a sporting event even the most loyal boxer fan needs to but on a pair of tighty whities. Now, Dr. Oz says that is not good for my body and little swimmers...

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