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Caesars Poker Room Review

0 Comments February 09

Probably one of my favorite places to play poker is Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This room would get a complete gold star, except for one glaring flaw—the food service. Beyond that, Caesars is the place to be.

Ring Game Availability at Caesar’s Poker Room

The list to get on a game is always long at Caesars, and always goes through very quickly. From Limit game of 2/4 up to 4/8 with a kill, and No Limit games from 1/2 to 5/10, it is a small stakes player’s haven. They have an amazing amount of tables and always dealers ready to shuffle up and play. I’ve never had to wait more then 15 minutes for a table.

Caesar’s Poker Room Tournaments

If tournaments are your thing, Caesars can do well for you. They have the midnight tournament (which they cap at 50 and only 50 players) for $65, ranging up to $300+ throughout the weekend. There is a separate room just for tournaments. Caesars does tournaments right.

Caesar’s Poker Room Softness

There are fewer places that have softer games available then Caesars. I have never been at a table with more then two people who have a clue, and a few times where players weren’t even sure if a flush beat a straight. The players are typically very poor and just willing to give you their money. You will have to avoid the difficult bad beat, but that goes with any soft game.

High Hand Jackpot at Caesar’s Poker Room

They have additional money for any hand that is quads or better (typically $100) where both hole cards have to play (of course). There is not a bad beat jackpot, but the royal flush bonus was over $1000 every time I’ve been there.

Caesar’s Poker Room Drink Service

Drinks move through pretty readily. The wait staff does a good job at getting thirsty players their alcohol. Not stellar…but pretty good. The girls are typically pretty attractive and friendly as well. I cannot say they are the best, but they do a good job.

Caesar’s Poker Room Food Service

I don’t think there is a worse place on the planet when trying to get food, then the poker room at Caesars Palace. It is HORRIBLE. The drink girls do not take food order so it’s this mythical Chinese lady that apparently shows up when the moon is full or something. She then proceeds to take over an hour to get a salad delivered. One time I tried to order a Caesars salad…and I was told they were out. They were out of Caesars salad at Caesars! (I just found that very ironic).

Another time when I finally got my food I was informed that a chicken Caesars salad (they do have them on occasion apparently) was $19! I was too shocked to say no to the food, and WAY too hungry at that point. It was really good, but take my advice, do NOT go to Caesars poker room hungry. If you do, when you walk into the place try to order right then. Easily the most glaring flaw the room has, and they are really not trying to fix it. I’ve played there for two years on different trips, and every time the food service sucked.

Caesar’s Poker Room Location

The poker room’s location is ideal. It is in its own area with only poker players and tables. An entire, very large, room with four walls isolating itself off, to nothing but poker players and the wails of bad beats. Coming right off the website, “Caesars Palace’s remarkable 8,500-square-foot main Poker Room also features an adjacent 6,000-square-foot tournament area, making Caesars Palace one of the only casinos to offer a private tournament area.” It’s beautiful. It fully non-smoking as well. Plus, its overall location…let me address that in ‘Ambiance’.

Caesar’s Poker Room Ambiance

The first time I played at Caesars I had to go to the bathroom soon after I got there. So I asked the dealer where the john was, and he said out the door and to the right. What? A huge great room like this and I have to walk way the hell out there to take a leak? Wow…strike 2 Caesars (I was already hungry). Well, boy was I in for a shock. You see it was Saturday night at about 11:00PM and the entrance to the nightclub Pure is located right beside the poker room. I walked out of the poker room and was immediately struck with at least 50 gorgeous women just standing there waiting to go into Pure. I stopped dead in my tracks and rubbed my eyes. I was amazed. I certainly planned to go hit the head a few more times!

So I get back to my seat and lean to the guy next to me to say, ‘Buddy, go take a piss…I’m telling you it’s worth it!’ but I never got it out. You see there is also the Pussycat Doll Dealers right outside the poker room, dancing and dealing table games. So every so often a small group of thinly dressed dancers come strolling through the poker room. That is what caught my eye as I leaned in to tell the guy next to me to go see the lineup to Pure. Instead he just says, “Dude, I know…” Solid ‘A’ for Caesars ambiance.

Overall Caesars in Las Vegas is a great place. Mainly because the players are just so bad, the money is pretty easy. The room is excellent, the ambience is great with the Pussycat Dolls strolling through, and the Pure lineup is amazing. The food service is terrible (but the food is quite good) but the positives just outweigh that. I’ll play at Caesars anytime, it’s awesome.

Caesar’s Poker Room Address

3570 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-7110

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