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13 Comments February 25

On the set of Dr Oz ShowAn opportunity to go behind the curtain and meet the almighty Oz…

My friends, I have traveled to the domain of the man himself, the show of Dr Mehmet Oz. And after such a terrifying and nerve wracking adventure I can safely tell you that…he is actually a really nice guy. I mean it’s like all this information he has been feeding our wives for the last 8 years while on TV is actually in the interest of our good health and well being and not some legal torture system. As much as I wanted to put on the boxing gloves and break into an MMA cage match, I found myself listening to his advice and shaking his hand. Dr Oz is actually just a really down to earth, nice guy.

Now, never fear guys, I shall not allow a pleasant meeting haze my view into backing off of our position as husbands to fight against the rights of being men. I stand firm in the need to support the men out there and complain as loud as I can—EVEN in the face of proper health. We may not be right or have control over our situation, but we stand firm here at iHateDrOz.com that we will be represented and have a place to complain and rant. It is our firm belief that you good sir, deserve the right to listen to the wife faithfully, and come here to bitch about it.

So sit back and set aside the beer and grab the cranberry juice. Put down the chips for the small handful of almonds. It’s Dr Oz time and the wife is giddy with excitement. She has her pad of paper and he has the knowledge. Let’s see what gets taken away from us today.

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13 Comments so far

  1. Mark says:


    Why didn’t you punch him in the face? I thought you hated him.

  2. Trish says:

    Hi there, you guys were great today on Dr. Oz. I won’t invade on your privacy here seeing as I am female and a big Dr. Oz fan who posts daily on Dr. Oz’s advice for the day.

    My husband just looks at me and smirks when I say “Today Dr. Oz Said…”

    Thanks again from my readers and myself, now being able to see your side of the story…LOL

    • Oz Hater says:

      Well we really did want to ‘start in on him’ for sure, but…he really is just a good guy! It was easy to see that he is a father first, doctor second, and TV personality a distant third.

      That doesn’t mean we are going to stop grumbling about the advise he gives though! As you probably know, as men we feel we must complain in the face of all good reasoning if we feel it is going to stop us from doing exactly what we want. We will continue to listen to our wives, but they get to hear about it!

      Thanks Trish, and feel free to post anytime!

  3. Felipe Fuentes says:

    How does Dr. Oz feel about cyanide? I ask because if I hear my wife say “Dr. Oz says…” one more time, I swear I’m going to drink some!!!

  4. Jack says:

    I watched the show, and thought “Wow, finally some guys have the nads to stand up to this health buff”. Then, after watching I kind of felt embarrassed for you guys. He didn’t give much voice after the clip. And do you really believe our girlfriends and wives will scale back on their nagging? I don’t. In short, I think you guys left the show neutered by the Good Dr. Good luck!

    • Oz Hater says:

      Jack – We certainly learned about editing of the show and our clip was a bit shorter than expected. With that in mind, I still think the show captured the essence of our voice. We believe in the advice Dr Oz provides, but hope to capture less of it from our wives.

  5. Kate says:

    Hey, guys! Although I am a Dr. Oz fan, I fully understand your frustration with the constant nagging. I leave my sweetie alone and know that if I took all the supplements and bought all the exotic superfoods recommended by Dr. Oz I’d have a pill box the size of my head and be even deeper in debt.
    I’m wondering if there are any Alaskan men out there who are following this blog. I’m doing an article for Alaska Business Monthly magazine about men’s health and would love to talk to those annoyed by Oz.
    I can be reached at katemckee2011@gmail.com. Thanks so much and take care of yourselves!

  6. Sheena says:

    I just want to say stop spreading Hate!!! First of all I AM a Huge Dr Oz supporter. He has changed the mind of the average person to be more conscience of what they do and eat!!! Dr Oz is a surgeonand had to go to school like all the other doctors. He always gives good info to Help people.
    Secondly why don’t all you Men Grow a Pair a d stop blaming him. A Doctor is suppose to help you lose weight and get well. He is doing his JOB. Clearly You All Dont Know What A Doctor does. Your Wife is the one getting on your nerves Not the doctor. If you have a problem it is Not with him. I never seen people act sooooo Ignorant when it comes to health!!!! Dr Oz is A Great Doctor stop using him to say what you men are scared to say to your wife!!!! Grow A Pair Seriously!!!!!!!

    • Oz Hater says:

      Hey Sheena, thanks for the comments. However, I think you may have missed a bit of who and what we are. You’ll find here http://www.ihatedroz.com/doctor-oz that we really do not hate the good Dr, in fact we believe in much of what he’s saying. Our stance is more from just wanting to complain a bit, tongue and cheek mind you, about what it takes to follow his advise through the voice of our wives.

      Never once do we blame him, or call him a poor physician. Quite the contrary. We believe in much of his advise. Yet, we will take every opportunity as men to complain like crazy–with a bit of a (attempted) comical twist. It’s just in our nature!!

      Thanks again for the comments and hope you peruse the site a little further so you can accurately see who we are and what we are trying to do with ihatedroz.com. Have a great day!

  7. Sheena says:

    Sounds cool ;). Also I watch him religiously but I never push it on other people! Health is an issue we must do on our own!

  8. Edwardo says:

    My wife made me watch the I Hate Dr Oz show. I told her I would give her 10 minutes. The best thing that I heard was when the guy said that his wife made him put the toilet lid down after going to the bathroom because Dr Oz said that it prevents the spread of E Coli. The next day I mentioned to my wife what Dr Oz said since she never puts the lid down. She does now and I am banned from watching Dr Oz forever!!!

  9. Crystal says:

    Pleeeeese! The Dr. GOD show is firstly, about him. Secondly, his show is about FEAR (i.e. the exploding toilet). A hundred years ago, he would have ridden into town with a soap box and an elixir and used his “way with the ladies” to sell them just about anything. Women are not dim witted, mindless blobs. His overwhelming number of suggestions and pandering to his predominantly female audience is enough to turn my stomach.

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